Hello there, I'm Manoj Vivek! 👋

I'm currently a Software Engineer at Polar Signals, a continuous profiling platform. I'm an open source enthusiast with a special interest for Web Performance and Startups.

I have also made Responsively App, an open source web browser that helps developers for responsive web development. It has got over 20K stars on GitHub and is used by over 5K web developers actively on a weekly basis, across the globe.

Previously, I worked for Joybird, Adapt.io and Owler with responsibilities across web performance, server-side rendering, backend scalability, kubernetes infrastructure and cloud cost optimization.

Outside coding, I love travel, hiking, books, motorbikes, and gardening.

Open Source Projects


KubeDay India

December 8, 2023

Continuous Profiling with Parca - Beneath the Kernel to Beyond the Clouds

This is an inductory talk about the concept of continuous profiling and how Parca can help users to profile your applications in production easily.